Course Details for Prof. Kathleen Buttermore - Winter - 2019-20

A Modern Canterbury Pilgrimage

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Dr. Thomas Kinney, BGSU English Professor, introduced me to Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Studied at the University of Gottingen, Germany, for an eight-week summer program between my junior and senior years in college. Started off as a high school English and German teacher, for three years; then, focused on a Masters in Rhetoric and Composition, to become a Writing Center Director, and moved to post-graduate work at SUNY Albany. Have worked as an English Professor, Writing Center Director, Coordinator of Tutor Training, and now Director of Academic Achievement at Walsh University since 1989. Have worked 38 years; am 60 years old and plan to retire in five years. On a personal note, I have been married 21 years to my husband Dan Buttermore. We have had two dogs, Mick, a black lab and schnauzer mix, and Tillie, an Australian Sheppard. Dan has traveled to London and is planning to come with me during our two-week course. On my pilgrimage, I want to focus on the history of London and its locations, looking at the changes that have taken place physically, socially, and culturally from Chaucer’s time, until now. I want to understand my British heritage. From exploring the locations to teaching the course to meeting and working with you to experiencing London, Canterbury, and other locations, to continue my journey and personal growth and understanding. (More Info)

Prof. Kathleen Buttermore (More Info)

A Modern Canterbury Pilgrimage

Program Dates:

Honors Credit:

WKU Course:

English Language and Literature

Course Description:
Inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, students will experience their own modern pilgrimage and video blog about it. Field trips in London to sites such as Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, The George Inn, the Museum of London, and St. Paul's Cathedral will enrich students' understanding of specific tales. Field trips to Warwick, a medieval castle, and to Canterbury and its magnificent Cathedral will enhance students' understanding of the medieval pilgrimage. After this, students will create their own Canterbury Tale, with the best one winning a free dinner, per the rules of The Prologue.

Completion of first year English composition requirements

Physical Activity Requirements:
Expect 4-6 miles of walking on class days.

Course Highlights:
  1. Experience your own modern-day pilgrimage, and through the art of storytelling, create a series of video/blogs highlighting your journey of self-discovery.
  2. Create your own tale to tell and become part of The Canterbury Tales. Per the rules of
  3. The Prologue, the winner, voted to have the best tale, will win a free meal at The Ivory
  4. House, where we will enjoy a Medieval Feast!
  5. Classes will be held on-site at Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower of
  6. London, The British Museum, The George Inn, and Warwick, to visit a Medieval castle, and the city of Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral.
  7. Using Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, we will explore the Medieval world of religion, marriage, societal status, and culture and compare it with our 21st century world.