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The Original Brexit: Ireland's 1920 Exit from the British Empire

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I'm an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Texas A&M University, originally from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. I completed my PhD in Politics, International Studies, and Philosophy at Queen's University, Belfast and have lived in the United States since 2012. I've published two books on my research so far, with a third currently in production, along with several peer reviewed articles, and I'm a regular contributor to local media in San Antonio. Prior to completing my studies, I was a professional basketball player in the British Basketball League. (More Info)

Dr. Andrew Sanders (More Info)

The Original Brexit: Ireland's 1920 Exit from the British Empire


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History , Political Science

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Study the breakup of the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom. In this class, students will explore the often violent relationship between Britain and Ireland from the 1800 Act of Union through the partition of Ireland and the creation of two Irish states under the 1920 Government of Ireland Act. By visiting historic sites (such as Parliament and museums in London) as well as field trips to sites of cultural interest (such as the London Irish Centre), students will gain an appreciation of the historical complexities of the British-Irish relationship and the evolving interaction between the Irish and English people.

Completion of three hours of political science/government courses.

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Expect 4-6 miles of walking on class days.

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