CCSA - Belize Land and Sea - Summer 2020 - Study Abroad

Belize Land and Sea

May 21, 2020 —June 03, 2020

In Belize experience a tropical rainforest and coral reef just miles apart. Study the fascinating biological features that characterize these systems and observe the interactions between humans and their environment. In the rainforest see iguanas howler monkeys and leaf cutter ants while gaining insight into the Mayan culture and its use of medicinal plants. On the coral reef the longest in the Western Hemisphere swim with brilliantly colored reef fish among the diverse assemblage of corals sponges and other invertebrates. In Guatemala spend time in the village of Flores on Lake Peten Itza and connect science and medicine of pre-Columbian Mayan civilization to our modern challenges at one of the largest archaeological sites in the region.

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Program Dates
May 21, 2020 —June 03, 2020
(13 days)
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$799 – $999
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February 28, 2020
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Courses Offered

Biology / Earth Science / Environmental Science

Tropical Biology in Belize and Guatemala
Course Description: Study examples of Earths most diverse ecosystems by exploring both tropical rainforests and a coral reef in Belize. At Blue Creek Field Station you will live and work within a primary rainforest surrounded by a wealth of biodiversity ranging from large buttressed trees to howler monkeys. While on South Water Caye part of the longest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere you will study reef structure mangrove forests and grass beds while swimming among brilliantly-colored reef fish and corals. The program will also include time in Guatemala and a tour of Tikal a UNESCO World Heritage Site depicting ancient Mayan civilization.
Prerequisite: One course in biology or consent of instructor.
Dr. Timothy M. Griffith | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U


Mystery of the Maya
Course Description: As archaeologists came to re-discover the Maya sites of Central America they speculated about their origins noticing their similarities to other human civilizations from beyond the Americas. In this introductory-level ndergraduate course we will compare the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia Asia Europe Africa and the Americas leading up to the moment of sustained contact between the eastern and western worlds. Visits to the Belize Zoo Blue Creek field station and South Water Caye will help illustrate the conditions of early societies while trips to Tikal (Guatemala) and Lamanai and or Xunantunich (Belize) will allow us to examine the growth of complex societies.
Prerequisite: Writing skills commensurate with an introductory-level undergraduate course.
Dr. Gregory Hammond | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Sociology / Race and Ethnicity / Anthropology

Afro-Belize: Slavery, Indigeneity, Colonialism, Race, and Culture
Course Description: This class provides participants with a unique learning opportunity to engage in ethnographic research among the mixed race descendants of African slaves Europeans and indigenous peoples of Belize. By observing daily life in food markets and neighborhoods interviewing a variety of community members and visiting indigenous ruins and museums students will be able to directly engage with history and interpret current Afro-Belizean society. We will explore interdisciplinary critical theories of race colonialism and culture to understand Belizes racial and social structures. Doing in-depth on-site research in such a sociologically fascinating society will provide students with an unforgettable introduction to ethnographic studies in a beautiful tropical environment.

NOTE: This course MAY be operated as a separate program—in locations different from those listed in the program description. A determination will be made by mid-September 2019.
Prerequisite: Introductory Social Science/Humanities course
Dr. Daniel Justino Delgado | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U